Selected By : Bertrand de Foucauld

Since several of CC collaborators have kids in school and since more than 300 international students have been working as interns till this summer, we are wishing a very happy new academic year to all the pupils and students, and notably the 2018/2019 new CC trainees.

CC is also pleased to inform you that two new categories are under way, as you have been able to see on our homepage: Hotels and Flights! They should be operationnal this week and will provide you with services and discount.

Do not hesitate to register and send your testimonies, suggestions, publications or poems on Contrib'City! You will get on top of the page and be read by more than 60,000 Contrib'Citizen who come and pay us a visit each day!

As a reminder, to write on International News, you must get CC's accreditation. Were you interested, write to us and we will be very pleased to check your file.

Bertrand de Foucauld

Location : Jouy-en-Josas, France Date : 2018-09-03 16:11:06 Bertrand