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It's a great film school, and a highly renowned one, the world over. 


Many great actors and technicians in India and abroad, have been trained in this famous school which is very dear to us all. 


I will translate the article in English, and send it to you, soon, so you can publish it, for the English readers.


Now, we wish that the Government of India, give more support to this school, and prevent any attempt to PRIVATISE it, which would be a catastrophe.... Government of India must not let that happen.


This schiol has contributed so much to the development and expansion of the film and television industries in India that many countries abroad envy India for this. The FTII has become a world reference as a film school of excellence. 


Even Variety Magazine could not but acknowledge it.


Therefore, let us all strive and make the Government of India understand that a national heritage like the Film and Television Institute of India must not be branded and dismantled on false assumptions....


The Government of India should be very much proud to own such a prestigious school, and do every effort to préserve it so it can continue to dispense quality education at affordable fees for most people....

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: 05-09-2018 12:09:23