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Specialized on the questions of local policies, I created the platform to concretize several years of research in this domain.

Several elections in Europe and in the USA had showed citizens were expecting their leaders to focus on the local scale, compared to a more global political position that was hold up to 1999 and from 2002 to 2007. After having demonstrated that a down-to-top policy was more humanly and technically efficient for preventing social risks (Hamnett 2004, GRAFMEYER 2005, IMRIE, LEES & RACO 2010, de FOUCAULD 2011), or environmental ones (SALOMON 1997, de FOUCAULD 2013 & 2016), than a more hierarchical management, I realized that the creation of a platform dedicated to local territories and to their inhabitants was needed. This tool would base itself on both on-the-field experience and theoretical research. In this context, with a group of partners who for each of them had lived in several countries, I launched Contrib’City (CC) which offers to the inhabitants a way to share their ideas and experience about their daily life and thus to improve their local territories. CC wants to be a participative tool of local policy.

However, from the very beginning, CC project has been stretched between openness and safety, and had constantly to deal with this debate, may it be in human or technical terms. CC team’s answer was to dedicate itself to Proximity and to Freedom, with a territorial division approach based on three scales: local, regional and continental.

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