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8 reasons why epistemology, a largely ignored discipline within machine intelligence, is a must-have skill set for leading teams.

The goal of any artificial intelligence or machine learning system is to create good knowledge, whether in automating a process, predicting new observations, or illuminating entirely new domains. It follows that a fundamental consideration in machine intelligence is the underlying theory of knowledge creation. Just as flying machines are enabled through a theory of flight, knowledge creation machines are enabled through a theory of knowledge.


Which begs the question, why does your team need knowledge about knowledge? Here are 8 reasons:


1. It’s unavoidable: knowledge creation machines need a theory of knowledge, just as flying machines need a theory of flight;

2. Ignorance about the underlying epistemology enslaves people in methodologies;

3. Epistemology levels the playing field for technical and non-technical team members;

4. Epistemology provides an explanatory framework to more easily comprehend subject matter outside your expertise;

5. Understanding epistemological controversies can combat indoctrination and stave off tribal infighting;

6. Attending to an important and overlooked discipline can provide a competitive advantage;

7. Epistemological theories can lead to new technology breakthroughs;

8. Computational epistemology is a foundational consideration in the design of collaborative human-machine systems.

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